Aktuelles aus 2019:

Unsere mexikanischen Croquet-Freunde laden ein:

2019 Mexico GC Croquet Open


“El Segundo” at the historic Hope Harmon Croquet Club -

San Miguel de Allende


Hello Croquet Friends & Family,


Wishing you all a Merry Christmas, and the best for the new year I wanted you to be amongst the first to know that we are excited to announce the 2019 Mexico Open, known as “El Segundo,” which will begin on Tuesday April 23, and Culminate on Saturday April 27. The tournament will be held in San Miguel de Allende, at the historic Hope Harmon Croquet Club, founded in 1963. Our Tournament last year was tremendous and this year we are planning a full on croquet experience unlike any other. The Mexico Open is the fun tournament, where the party never stops and the competition is fierce. Get to know real Mexican hospitality at an international stage, as we are expecting players from all over the world. Last year we had players from Spain, the United States, Britain, Canada, Colombia, as well as people of all ages from across Mexico and beyond. The eclectic mix of playing styles, schools and diverse setting make of the Mexico Open a new tradition unlike any other.


This message is intended as a Save the Date. We will be updating ticketing information, options and news, Please contact me or Joan Novell if you’d like to pre-RSVP.    


Hope to see you in Mexico this spring!


- Rick Zazueta 


+1 818 306 0240

Aktuelles aus 2018:

Deutsche Meisterschaften 2018 GC

Deutsche Meisterschaften 2018 AC





7th. German Open GC

Hamburger CC meets Berlin Croquet Club & Posh Teckel Croquet Club


Norddeutsche Meisterschaften 2018 GC





Aus der Saison 2017:

Deutsche Meisterschaften 2017 GC


Norddeutsche Meisterschaften 2017 GC






9th German Open Golf Croquet / HH Renzel

 Aus der Saison 2015:

Deutsche Meisterschaften 2015 GC 


Rheingoldpokal 2015 AC / GC  

Rheingoldpokal 2015





Aus der Saison 2014:


Hanseatic Open 2014 GC 


German Open 2014 GC  


Deutsche Meisterschaften 2014 GC 






Deutsche Meisterschaften 2014 AC






Aus der Saison 2013:

Deutsche Meisterschaften 2013 GC



Deutsche Meisterschaften 2013 AC





Aus der Saison 2012: 


1. Berlin City Cup 2012

Das AC/GC-Team



Sabine Kaltenthaler, 1. Platz GC



Wolfgang Usbeck, 1. Platz AC



Mill Cup 2012 - Karlovy Vary ( Karlsbad ), Czech Republic







German Open 2012 GC








Norway Open 2012 GC


Joi Elebo ( SWE ), Ulf Soderberg ( SWE ), Roar Michelsen ( NOR ) (vlnr)






Deutsche Meisterschaften 2012 GC






Bruno Hess (the winner) und Jörn Vinnen

Bruno Hess (links - the winner) und Jörn Vinnen



Carlos Vieira, Siegelinde und Eberhard Zeh (vlnr)



Kurt Alexander Kirsten, Bruno Hess und Joern Vinnen (vlnr)



Norddeutsche Meisterschaften 2012 GC


NDM 2012 Thomas Magin und Martin Zander




Deutsche Meisterschaften 2012 AC


AC DM 2012


Englischer Garten - Wachenheim / Pfalz


Carlos Vieira und Michael Boeer


Croquet und Chillen - was gibts Schöneres


Wolfgang Usbeck - the Winner !!! kurz vor dem entscheidenden Peg-out





 Wir trauern um unseren lieben Freund

Mohamed Abdelhafez  

+ 24.01.2012









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